A traineeship is a work placement programme designed to prepare you for the world of work and give you a leg up towards an apprenticeship or starting role. Traineeships are available to motivated teenagers and young adults between 16 and 24, who are struggling to enter the world of work. Programmes can last anywhere between six weeks and six months. Giving you the skills needed to be considered work-ready.

BENEFITS OF a traineeship

  • Acquiring skills that employers value such as teamwork and time management
  • Giving CVs a boost with a work experience placement to make you stand out from the crowd
  • Building confidence, self-esteem and independence
  • A traineeship is a great stepping stone to employment for you.

We will provide:

  • Training to prepare you for work including CV writing and what to expect in the workplace
  • Support to improve your English and maths if you need it
  • Provide skills relevant to your chosen career

From the employer you will get:

  • A high-quality work placement of at least 100 hours
  • An interview for an apprenticeship or job if available, or an exit interview with written feedback